About Us...

DTech is a full service IT Systems Consulting company located in the Greater Philadelphia area, providing IT services to businesses and home offices in the city and surrounding suburbs.

Are you tired of the same lack luster results you get from the so called "experts"? With their dazzling websites, impressive brochures, and seemingly "too good to be true" references. Isn't it time you've partnered with a consulting company with actual integrity? I've seen it all in my years in IT working with various vendors on all kinds of integrations and products. They promise you the world with turn key solutions, and instead deliver incomplete and broken systems, constant delays and downtime, and ballooning project costs.

What you'll get from us is straight talk and honesty! There is NO vendor that knows it all. This industry is changing by the day. At DTech your projects and solutions will be carefully assessed in realistic real-life terms at an affordable rate. If we are not making progress on your technology goals, we don't charge you. Simple as that. Your IT needs are met, or money back!

See our Service and Rates page for specifics, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We'll be happy to put your hard earned IT budget to good use!

Our Experience Shows!

* Computer System Networking Installation, Configuration, and Deployment    

* Wireless Systems, Remote Office Connections, VOIP Telephony 

* Hardware & Software Installation, Repair, and Integration

* Maintenance & Management on existing Networks\Systems   

* Full range of Computer Parts, Systems, and Accessories are available    

* Training and Instruction available on a broad range of OS and software

 * Industry Certified Technicians: Cisco | Microsoft