Services & Rates

Whether your networks are becoming outdated and slow, or you are ready to replace aging servers, routers and switches or make the move to wireless and the cloud, DTech's certified technicians are here to help. DTech provides professional, quality, and affordable IT systems service and consulting that will take the frustration out of your technology investments, and let you get back to focusing on business!


* Networking Hardware Design and Implementation

* Routing and Switching, Remote Office\VPN Services

* VOIP based PBX Communication Systems

* Hardware & Software Installation, Repair, and Integration

* Wireless Networking- Cloud Services Migration and Management

* Maintenance & Management on existing Networks\Systems

* Full range of Computer Parts, Systems, and Accessories

* Training and Instruction available on a broad range of OS and Software


Flat fee of $65 per hour. *Churches and non-profits qualify for discounts.

Referral Program: $100 cash to individuals who's referral lead to billable clients.

Contact us for details!

Downingtown and Coastesville businesses - $45 per hour flat rate!

What Makes Us Different

Our Fair Billing Policy:

DTech will NOT charge for travel time, or for time spent researching issues or technologies that we are not quite up to speed on. Technology is constantly changing, and incompatibilities and vendor issues are inevitable. You will not be paying us to learn on the job! Period!